Green Dev. | Concept
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Green Development

Climate change mitigation and adaptation planning

Energy and environmental planning for territories, public bodies and businesses

New models of development


Green-Dev. was born from an idea of Emiliano Vettore and Diego Pellizzaro.

Both students at the Urban Planning Faculty of the Architecture University of Venice (IUAV), they have considered worth it to propose an alternative model of development for both territories and businesses that can guarantee an increased  social wellbeing.

Starting from the assumption that the global dominant economic system can’t guarantee an improvement in the quality of life of all the world population, especially in the long term, it is necessary to rethink to a model that can guarantee an adequate level of growth of collective well-being.


Scarcity and continuous prices increase of fuel due to the major difficulty of estraction and transformations


Drop and overconsumption of natural resources as a lost in biodiversity e drop in raw materials


Global economic crisis


New economic and social model

(Stimulus to the local economy trhough green economy)