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Interviewed on Radio 24, the italian business radio, during Moebius, a radio programme conducted by Federico Pedrocchi and Chiara Albicocco, on air on Saturday May 3rd at 21PM

April 2014

“Smart City” Prize

SMAU Padua 2014

With the web app “WebGis Energy: energy efficiency with a click” we have won the SMAU Smart City 2014 prize.

Try the web app of the two winner municipalities:
Carmignano di Brenta – link
Torri di Quartesolo – link

Reference: – success cases – award ceremony

Press review

Efficienza energetica? Nel Comune Torri di Quartesolo basta un clickSource: Rinnovabili – link

Un web GIS a disposizione dei cittadini: il cambiamento spesso viene dal bassoSource: Linfalab – link

Torri ha vinto tre premi ma serve il coinvolgimento dell’areaSource: Vicenzapiùlink

Un software (gratuito) per scoprire l’efficienza energetica degli edifici, e come migliorarlaSource: GreenReport link

Arriva il software che indica l’efficienza energetica degli edificiSource: EarthDayItalialink

Efficienza energetica in edilizia, un software gratuito online dal Comune di Torri di Quartesolo Source: Kyoto Clublink

Carmignano di Brenta primi in Italia per efficenza energeticaSource: Gazzettino di Padovalink

Primi in Italia per efficienza energeticaSource: Il Gazzettinolink

October 2013

“International Center for Climate Governance” prize

Winner with New York City for «Good practices to prepare our cities to Climate Change»
The SEAP of the Municipality of Torri di Quartesolo (released by Green Dev.), named “Torri 2020”, has been awarded the first prize for the Best Climate Practices 2013, an international contest organized by the International Center for Climate Governance.

Press review

L’International Center for Climate Governance premia le Buone Pratiche sul Clima: “Buone idee per preparare le nostre città ai Cambiamenti Climatici” – link

L’ICCG premia studenti Iuav per le migliori pratiche per il clima – Source: IUAV – link

Best Practices: Carraro premia Bloomberg a New York – Source: Infoscari – link

Pronte le bozze dei Paes – Source: Rovigooggi – link

Buone pratiche e cambiamento climatico: l’ICCG premia Torri 2020 – Source: Vicenzatoday – link

Resilienza urbana: la città e i cambiamenti climatici – Source: Avoicomunicare – link

Progettazione partecipata: premio ICCG a Torri di Quartesolo – Source: Energheia Magazine – link

L’Italia al caldo: avremo un’agricoltura tropicale? – Source: Focus – link

A NYC Oscar ICCG per la resilienza – Source:  Staffetta Quotidiana – link

La resilienza, nuova sfida delle città – Source: Green Business – link

I cambiamenti climatici sono colpa dell’uomo. Lo dice il rapporto dell’ONU – Source: Ragusaoggi – link

New York receives the International Center for Climate Governance Awards – Source: Africa Green Media – link

Video: “Climate change: everything you need to know about the IPCC 5th Assessment Report” – Source:Community Research and Development Information Service – link

And the 2013 ICCG Best Climate Practice award goes to… – Source: Community Research and Development Information Service – link

Iccg premia le migliori idee sui “Cambiamenti Climatici e Resilienza Urbana” – Source: Venetopiù – link

Concorso “Buone idee per preparare le nostre città ai Cambiamenti Climatici”, ecco i vincitori – Source:Earth Day Italia Venezia Today – link

Source: Centro Euro-mediterraneo sui cambiamenti climatici. – link

May 2013

“Best SEAP of Italy 2013” prize

1° place at the contest «Best SEAP» in the 5.000 – 20.000 inhabitants category
The SEAP of the Municipality of Torri di Quartesolo has been awarded the prize for the best SEAP of Italy 2013 in the cathegory between 5.000 and 20.000 inhabitants, at the annual contest promoted by Climate Alliance Italy and Kyoto Club. Under the european project NET-COM, the contest is open to all public bodies that have approved a SEAP and subscribed to the Covenant of Mayors (with the sponsorship of the GSE). Reference:

Press review

In Veneto tre PAES eccellenti – Source: EST magazine – link