Green Dev. | ISO 14001 - Sistema di gestione ambientale
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ISO 14001 – Environmental Management system

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management system

The efficient use a raw materials and the management of waste and emissioni s made trough a system planing aimed at reducing costs.

Certification to ISO 14001 is not mandatory, but it is the voluntary choice of the company / organization that decides to establish / implement / maintain active / improve its environmental management system.

It does not attest a particular environmental performance, nor demonstrates a particularly low impact, but rather goes to show that the certified organization has an appropriate management system to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities, and will systematically seek improvement in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable. Useful to emphasize that ISO 14001 is not a product certification.

The benefits that can lead to a company are, first, to have a reporting and management system which allows on the one hand to make the point on as the “impact” company on the environment and on the other allowing assessment of the best solutions to reduce this impact thanks to continuous monitoring.

The preparation method of certification or environmental management system is always Plan-Do-Check-Act:

  • PLAN – Planning
  • DO – Implementation
  • CHECK – Monitoring and Measurement
  • ACT – Action

Reduce consumption of raw materials or polluting emissions means first of all an economic savings that the company will benefit and will allow him to be more competitive on the market.

Second, the competitiveness will improve significantly due to marketing that ISO 14001 certification provides the company intercepting more and more customers sensitive to environmental issues.
The first analysis of the company is absolutely free.
Once you understand where and how (and especially if) it is possible to improve the energy consumption, begins the design phase itself.
Any company can have a free audit, which will define the improvement project.