Green Dev. | ISO 50001 - Sistema di gestione dell'energia
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ISO 50001 – Energy Management system

ISO 50001 – Energy Management system

Energy and economic savings are made trough a system planning

With this management system it is possible to obtain advantages for business, as the reduction of the cost of energy and the reduction of green house gas emissions, placing fast saving objective and primarily tangible.

TheGreen-Dev. methodology wants to define a precise action plan finalised at reducing energy wasted in the production environment and to evaluate the possibility to generate energy from renewables and integrate the business revenue.

The entire process can be certified with UNI CEI EN 16001 and/or ISO 50001.

In a global scenario in which the energy consumption is increasig and the energy stocks are shrinking with an increase of the cost of energy, it is strategic to reduce the reliance and the cost linked with energy.

The themes of energy efficiency and of reduction of carbon emissions are today a doppia leva competitiva, for every business that wants to stay in the market: both from an economic point of view of reducing costs (in an economy that sees the continous shrinking of sells and revenues), both from an economic point of view of reducing costs, and from the point of view of the company image to propose to the market and to clients, attentive to the environment and the aspects of its conservation.

The first analysis is completely free. Once the audit has been made, and all the way to reduce consumptions have been considered, starts the projectual phase. Every business can ask for a free energy audit, which brings to define an imporvement project.