Green Dev. | Municipal Light Plans
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Municipal Light Plans

PRIC – Municipal Light Plans

The plan is aimed to find the necessary tools to promote energy efficiency in public lighting, to harmonize the cromatic render, to remove the luminous flux towards the sky and to enhance the value ofthe built environment bu enlighting adequately building and public spaces.

The plan for light pollution control is a necessary tool to regulate both public and private night lighting on the municipal territory.

The points of strenght of this tool is that it guarantee the right uniformity of public lighting by enhancing and securing the built environment in our towns and in parallel by reducing energy consumptions and energy bills for the municipality.

Reclassifying the roads is the first step to correctly design the appropriate lighting for each category of roads. The road lighting category is studied according to the technical specifications and carachteristics of the road in terms of peculiar morphology, geometry and hierarchy. The classification allows to point out roads that are over illuminated and consequently reduce the installed power of every street lamp to guarantee energy savings.

The reduction of light pollution ensures a better visibility of the starry sky and an improvement of individual psycophysic wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of the plant and animal world.