Green Dev. | PAES – Piani d’azione per l’energia sostenibile
Il piano è un documento che indica come i firmatari del Patto dei Sindaci rispetteranno gli obiettivi che si sono prefissati per il 2020. Definisce misure concrete di riduzione, insieme a tempi e responsabilità, in modo da tradurre la strategia di lungo termine in azione.
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SEAP – Sustainable Energy Action Plans

The plan is a document that delines how signatories of the  Covenant of Mayors will reach the 2020 objectives that they agreed on.

It defines real measures, with precise deadlines and responsibilities, a way to translate the long-term strategy into action.

20-20-20 al 2020

The energy plan that will be proposed, has the “20-20-20 to 2020” objective, a strategy that derives from the comunitarian directives enacted in 2008. In practical terms, the law forecast to reach in 2020:

  • a drop of 20% of energy consumption thanks to efficiency
  • a development of 20% of renewable energy
  • and a drop of 20% of carbon dioxide emissions.


The energy and environmental planning at the municipal level has the objective to coordinate the actions aimed to: reduce energy consumption thanks to efficiency, promote the production of energy from renewable sources and to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The choice to drive towards a sustanable energy policy, made of efficiency and renewables, provides several benefits.

Green-Dev. guides you trough the steps necessaries to develop the energy plan (SEAP):
  • subscription to the Covenant of Mayors
  • planning and design of the SEAP
  • application to european funding
  • including all the actions needed to obtain the best result.